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The COVID19 did manage to get me recording some classes on video...  While we are all practicing social distancing, I will run 2 weekly live vinyasa flow classes (Mondays & Thursdays 09:30 IST) and create short tutorials to assist in developing a home practice of Ashtanga yoga primary series (here).

As a yoga practitioner, I make good use of the free online resources to expand my practice, whether it's about getting inspiration of new sequences, diving in-depth in the anatomical aspects of some particular asanas or deepening my knowledge of the other limbs of yoga. As a teacher, I value the face to face interaction, and the energy a group generates when practicing together. Therefore I am not looking to expand my business in an online manner for the long run. 

Guidelines for practicing at home

Keywords for your practice should be non-violence, honesty, patience, optimism and non-attachement.

Focus on self-awareness, selecting the option that feels best for your body (i.e. you can feel something is happening, your hips, heart and head are aligned, you can breathe freely and you are not in pain!). Practicing yoga regularly is therapeutic in a way that you will develop flexibility and strength over time, not by rushing it or pushing too hard. 

***If you are pregnant or suffer from any medical condition, please contact your doctor before starting a new type of exercise. ***

I would also very welcome any questions or comments on the sequences I share, as I may be able to advise some other options for poses. Please do get in touch. 

Voluntary payment

To earn a living online, one must dedicate a lot of time gathering viewers, running marketing campaigns, and getting involved with online advertisement. This is not what I aspire to do. However, in times where I cannot conduct in person classes, I still face the costs of living. Therefore, any contribution you could make towards the online classes you follow would be greatly appreciated.

In normal times, I ask students to pay 15€ for a drop-in class, and regular students to buy a class pass in advance of a value of 10€ per class attended within a month. 

I am aware we are all facing difficult times, with many incomes slashed by this pandemic as businesses have had to shut their doors. So I trust you will consider your own situation and pay only what you can afford for my work. Simply access my paypal link: and select the amount you can contribute (please include a message with your name and contact details if you like). Thank you 🙏

PS: If you really want to take a class but cannot afford any expense, then please take the class :) And in exchange you may perform a true act of kindness for any living being who needs it 💕

June classes dates - 09:30am IST:

  • Tuesday 2nd,

  • Thursdays 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th,

  • Mondays 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th.

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Below are some photos of my own practice and yoga inspired good times.

There are no pictures of the classes I run as I am reluctant to bring a camera into the practice room. 



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