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A mindfulness practice on the Wild Atlantic Way

Green Blue Yoga




Bienvenue on my website, I hope you will find here some information of interest, feel free to get in touch with any questions.




Yoga classes

  • Morning vinyasa yoga at Caherdaniel Community Hall​

  • Weekly class at Valentia Island Cable Station

  • New classes available at your local venue,  get in touch for details 


Last updated:  26th Decenber 2019



About Julie

I started yoga back in 2007, and ten years later, I travelled to India to complete a 200h teacher training course with Yoga Alliance. 
Today I practice and teach Ashtanga yoga  and other styles like slow Hatha and mindful Vinyasa - because for each mood and energy level, there is a type of yoga that suits.

Although I got to yoga for the physical aspects (easing back pain, better posture,etc.), I also give a lot of importance to its philosophical dimension, and to mindfulness, relaxation and meditation.



Why Yoga?

Practice yoga to increase strength and flexibility, reduce stress, improve posture and generally feel better in your body & mind.

Yoga isn't just physical exercise: as we are coordinating postures with the breath, the practice grows to become a moving meditation, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and improving mental well being. It is a way to learn meditation and deep relaxation techniques.


Class styles


Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a fluid yoga practice to loosen the body in the morning, starting with a few slow sun salutations and gently building up the pace to loosen muscles, relax the lower back, shoulders and hips, strengthen the core and build up energy. A vinyasa is a sequence of movements used to transition between poses, linking in the breath. These morning classes are  dynamic, setting you up for the day with an energetic workout, focusing on mindfulness and self-care.


Ashtanga Yoga is also a type of vinyasa yoga, where we will practice a set sequence called Primary Series, at a set pace (holding poses for 5 breaths each). It is an intensely
energizing practice, drawing sweat, building upper body and core strength and very settling for the mind. Practice ends up with deep relaxation.


Gentle hatha yoga  is a slower class, easing in to poses gradually and holding them longer, focusing on body awareness and correct alignment, or to help develop mobility to specific joints. This class  is not currently on schedule but can be booked as a private lesson.


All classes are mixed levels, suitable for complete beginners and more advanced yogis. Gentle Hatha will suit all ages and levels of fitness but please be aware that Vinyasa and Ashtanga styles are 
 fast-paced practices πŸ”₯ so expect a strong (and mindful πŸ₯°) workout rather than a slow gentle stretch in these classes.


Private classes

Tell me about yourself (previous experience, fitness level, any injuries or medical conditions, etc), about what most attracts you to yoga and what you would like to work on and I will design a practice for you.




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